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  • Sunday, May 26, 2013 {4:07 AM}
  • ♥ Off We Go

     Hey babes ;)
    Another crazy yet tiring week.
    Balancing between family and friends
    Never too easy for some people right? 
    But whatever, 
    Off We Go


     Happy Birthday To Gavin
    aka my lovable BFF <3
    So he had a party and it was a BBQ one~
    So seeing I had so much time, I decided to try out new things
    Try out a new look or whatever
    & BOOM.
    Hairchalk just came into my head.
    I bought it a few months ago but never had a chance to use it 
    So why not now? 
    So I spent like an hour watching tutorials (noob)
    and chalking my hair
    I was super happy with my results~

    I used the colour Red & Blue
    So in case they mixed together it'll give off a light purple feel <3

    Was wearing the Geek Shirt I bought a few blog posts ago

    Hehehe my hair was looking Fabulous 

    I met up with Waiyan & Isabella to go to the party
    and as usual, the guys went to play bball
    So while they were playing Isabella and I decided to camwhore.

    Cause we're just girls.
    Isabella is so damn cute in this picture. 
    Don't worry, she gets cuter. 
    Can you not-
    Somebody caption this please. 

    Back to the party, 
    We had fun, played water games and created new memories. 
    Sadly Isabella had to leave early so I didn't get to take a polaroid picture with her T~T
    But I got to take a few (cough 7) with the guys
    But because I was so nice I gave 5 away 

    If you look closely, they have all their retarded faces on.
    What I mean by retarded faces? 

    These guys drive me crazy everyday in class :')


    Sports Day.

    I used to dread this day because it was so boring.
    I didn't bother taking part in any competition because I was always so lazy.
    But this year, I felt bad.
    The seniors were always so nice to me,
    and I felt like I didn't do my part as a Green House member.
    So I signed up for cheerleading. 
    Wait what?
    Yes my dear, cheerleading
    I thought that was the least I could do for my house
    Little did I know that my seniors signed my name on one of the 100m relays...
    But anyway, 
    I learnt a lot during cheerleading.
    Like the people who are supporting the person being carried up are called bases.
    The person being carried up is called a flyer
    And there is this back supporter to support the flyer to balance. 
    During training there were a few accidents but none of them were serious luckily ><
    So I and my dear green house seniors and friends had a lot of training sessions.
    We actually bonded a lot through all these as we always had a lot of fun.
    The seniors were all so nice asdfghjkl
    I am super thankful of them. 
    D-DAY came and here's our performance HAHHAH :')

    lol if you actually watched the video, you'll notice how I awkwardly bumped into one of my friends
    but whatever, picture time :D

    My form teacher took this~ 
    For the first time I looked glam HAHAH

    The cheerleading team~

    Now you understand why I say I looked glam for the first time on the other pic.
    The watermelon tribe <3

    hashtag SWAGG

    I'm a mother father gentleman.
    I'm a, I'm a, I'm a mother father-asdfghjk

    My first medal from SST thanks to the seniors & the cheerleading girls
    Thank you so sososooso much <3
    Love you babes.


    Well this post is just about glorious food.

    So I went to Jurong Point with my family and I'm here to introduce you great food <3
    I went to Malaysia Boleh! for lunch.

    Gotta say, I was impressed.

    The atmosphere there was great, it have a feel about the olden days.
    There were old chinese songs playing
     & the food sold there reminded my parents of their childhood

    A really pretty place <3 

    All was great there except the fact that the food was overpriced.
    Anyway here's our glorious lunch <3

    This bowl of noodles was only $2 
    I heard from my father it was what the people who lived worked at the river used to eat
    Its plain noodles with some vegetables and soup.
    It was made not to be exactly super tasty but enough to fill your stomach with the thick noodles.

    This is known as the olden days char kway tiao (?) 
    The noodles are really soft and tender, so is the meat in it.
    It was extremely delicious, really enjoyed eating it.
    There was prawns and some lettuce in it too.
    Simply magnificent, I totally recommend this.
    However its a little overpriced, 
    my dad said the portion for one person was not enough so he ordered the portion for two
    which was $6, portion for one was $4.50

    The curry chicken noodles.
     This was delicious but the curry was not thick enough I guess.
    Other than that the dish was wonderful, 
    another recommendation for those who are not crazy for curry and love a simple taste :)

    Its a coffeeshop located at Bishan near Junction 8

    One of the famous dishes there is the Chicken Rice.
    During peak hours you'll see a super long queue! 

    What surprised me was that the chicken was cold. 
    For a kid like me, I been eating hot chicken since I was young 
    & I pretty much like warm and hot things rather than cold things
    The chicken was super tender, the rice was really delicious. 
    Recommend this to all the chicken lovers <3
    But for my family, we're never coming back to eat there because we don't like cold chicken :x

    Well well I guess I'll end my blog post here. 
    OH WAIT 
    *inserts royalty music* 
    My school is having a open house!

    So it'll be held on the 1st Of June, a Saturday! 
    You guys can visit me (I'll be at the Physics Lab if you need me) & the school!
    For those taking the train there, trust me, the 5minutes walk from Dover MRT is a LIE.
    So how do you get there?
    From Dover MRT, you take the escalator nearer towards Singapore Poly entrance down 
    to the bus stop, you wait for ANY BUS and alight the next stop.
    You should see SST oppersite the bus stop you alighted from 
    so you cross the road and enter the school :)
    For more information, click here

    Great, I'll talk to you guys soon :) 
    And Happy Birthday to dear Ian Kang, 

    aka the Royal Nigga


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  • Saturday, May 4, 2013 {10:58 PM}
  • ♥ A MODEL JOB?

    Hey babes :D
    Omg its finally over.
    My Mid Year Exams have finally ended. 
    I'm feeling so lazy omg.
    A huge burden just left my shoulders 
    However the results...
    I'm nowhere near confident about this year results.
    I have a feeling I am going to do really badly.
    But because of that I'm prepared.
    For the next few battles.
    I will and must do well! 
    No more distractions, 
    Just me & the books this June Holidays.
    Anyway in this post you'll be reading about the bargains I got when shopping with friends 
    how I got offered a model job. (WHUT)
    So keep reading :D
    Anyway just an update about this week.

    It's the girls day out :D
    No more boys and stuff like that.
    Just the girls being girls.
    So on Friday I hung out with Isabella & Yunshu aka classmates.
    Really sweet girls, we went shopping around Jurong Point after a meal @Long John Slivers
    I was kinda broke that day but still I got some pretty things.
    Okay so I have this obsession with skulls and the long tooth necklaces and a shop [located somewhere at the market place I forgot the name D: ] was selling these necklaces for only $2!

    Freaking cheap, plus there was an offer, 3 for $5
    Hello, thats even cheaper than the stuff @Bugis 
    So the girls and me got one each.
    After that we went to Crystals 'N' Beads to do some DIY friendship-band-thing

    Basically the shop sells strings, charms and all sorts of keychain stuff.
    You choose which charm you want or string whatever and you DIY the product yourself.
    So for me and my friends we wanted to make a bracelet.
    And you could say it turned out pretty :)

    I really liked mine since it meant infinite love :)
    I'll never stop loving people will I? 
    Anyway we ended the day like that. 

    it was another girls day out with my sister Clariss.
    We met up super early so I didn't have time to chalk my hair like I wanted to.
    My ootd in the end :/ 

    Peace Love Rock Fringe Tee from Bugis
    Long Tooth Necklace from shop @Jurong Point Market place
    Ragged Blue Shorts from ILT96
    Baby G watch & loads of jelly bangles and stuff.

    Anyway we went to Bugis & these are my loots at the end of the day ><
    Basically I'm also obsessed by the GEEK & DORK shirt designs.
    Well I bought the Dork T-Shirt @ $10

    The Geek one was only $8!

    For those who want to buy it at $8, you can go to:

    Also I bought the cute bunny toy @$5 only!

    I'm not sure where the store is located but its on the first story, all the way to the end. 
    It sells many furry and cute things,
    they even sell a full furry outfit like:

    Hahaha recommend couples to try shopping in that shop ;)
    And the day would end BUT
    I & my friend was walking to Bugis Street when we were stopped by a lady
    And we were offered a model job
    Well I know Clariss is really pretty but me is another story like
    I have a face of a sloth. 
    What the hell.
    Anyway she passed us her company name card and 
    told us if we were interested, we could go for the interview at their company.

    Yeah I see your model company differently too. 
    Anyway don't worry, I'm not going to join the company
    Not so stupid to waste time & money anyway.

    So I came across this 30 day challenge online, 

    I'm planning to develop abs (4 pack) this June Holidays 
    so might as well try this challenge before June :D 
    Already on Day 2!

    Hope all of you have a great day!


    Kiki & Woonie

  • Saturday, April 27, 2013 {7:54 PM}
  • ♥ Crazy Week.

    Hey babes, I missed you~
    This entire week has been so crazy I can't even
    I don't even know where to start.
    I completed all my projects in school so thats the great thing.
    Let's just continue shall we?



    So it all happened thanks to my girlfriend, Yeetheng.
    She won tickets to UKISS concert and invited me along.
    I can't even thank her enough.
    I love her so so so so much oh my god.
    Now let's revive some memories shall we? :)

    So it all started out me taking the train to Sentosa~

    And I got my ticket from my friend <3 
    She was super sweet.
    UKISS Collage Tour Concert @Resort World Sentosa

    I didn't get many pictures since my phone ran out of battery T~T
    But still I had the most enjoyable time I can't even express in words.
    The atmosphere.
    The screams and cheers.
    Kiss Me are amazing. 

     Polaroid Picture with the girls I adore. 
    Had so much memories with them. 
    Simply Cloud 7.

    Thank you girls for the great memories. 
    Thank you Yeetheng so so much I love you.
    Ukiss, gomawo. Oppa saranghaeyo~


    Lunch @ Ah Yat Restaurant 
    with my cousins. 

     The prawns are incredibly fresh and delicious. 

     My new favorite Bamboo dish!

    Mmm duck ;)


    After that we went to watch the soccer match.
    Great weekend :)

    And this week has been so interesting I got a hate confession on my school's confession page.
    Take a look at it :)
    So apparently I'm the 205 green house girl who flirts with many guys and call everybody oppa
    And acts cute. I'm supposingly a W-H-O-R-E & player in this post.
    Honestly, I'm not upset of this post or sad or anything.
    I really burst out laughing when I read this post.
    I'm serious and I'm not acting like I'm strong and don't care.

    So the thing is:
    1. I don't know anybody from 406 so I'm pretty sure I didn't offend anybody there.

    2. I don't call everybody oppa. I only call 2 people in my school oppa. TWO.

    3. I don't flirt with guys. Because they look at me as a guy friend while I look at them as a girl friend.

    The thing is, I kinda expected this sooner or later. 
    I mean, I hangout with a bunch of guys from my class.
    Because we're BFFs since last year.
    I mean come on, my first bestfriend was a guy and now my bestfriends are my first bestfriend's bestfriends.
    I actually want more girlfriends but too bad cause I have only 8 girls in my class.
    And all the girls in my level have affairs with each other including me.
    So we're all like mixed instead of typical girl BFFs.
    Actually about the post,
    I don't really give a damn but what made me upset was that my friends were angry for me.
    A friend of mine was ranting to me on how he would kill the person if he finds out.
    Another one was raging over there saying justice for me needed to be served.
    At that moment, I felt so blessed.
    People were not agreeing with the post,
    but they were standing up for me.
    I can't even express how blessed I feel to have such great friends.
    It's crazy how they're even more affected by this post then I am.
    Another reason why they are my BFFs.
    But I was upset at my friends raging and stuff. 
    I was upset at how worried they were for me.
    My dear friends, I'm really honestly fine.
    I don't care how others think of me, I only care about how you think of me.
    I'm so blessed to have all of you.
    I really love you all.
    But I don't know what to do for you guys.

    I asked one of you and the answer I got was:
    Be healthy and safe.

    I can't even express how sorry I am to you all.
    I feel like I haven't done anything for you guys.
    You guys are always there for me.
    Making me laugh and smile.
    While all I did was nothing.
    Ah, I'm really blessed.
    I thank you all for being with me through all this.
    This is what they call true friends I guess?
    oh and sorry Yee Cher for dragging your name into the post :(

    So to the 406 guy that posted this,
    Thank you for making me realise how BLESSED I am to have the guys & girls in my life,
    You're a pussy because you don't have the balls to tell me and chose to post as anonymous. 
    You're low as hell as you do realise you're cyber bullying a female junior
    But the thing is I don't give a ***k so it's okay if you continue these posts  
    if you're reading this, DO NOT post these type of things about other girls 
    because it will really hurt their feelings. 
    I will fcking FIND you and cut your throat if I find out you hurt other girls.
    You're a senior, I expected something called maturity :) 
    Oh and come talk to me soon okay? What I do to offend you sia. Don't worry I won't change for you.

    Anyway next please :D
    Hahaha long post this is right? Told you it was a crazy week.


    I went out with Waiyan today to the library to study~
    The amount of things that happened was retarded.
    So we agreed to meet at 1:30PM
    But both of us were late.
    He arrived late at around 1:45PM
    I arrived late too at 2:10PM
    I was having so much fun in the bus because I was FA-ing over there

    But of course I didn't make him wait for me so I told him to eat lunch first
    So there I saw him.
    Waiyan the FA.
    Eating alone in Mac.
    Wearing a damn gay purple shirt.
    and carrying a pink backpack.
    I was like laughing as I shouted:

    Idk why I love Waiyan but I love annoying him so damn much.
    And for those who have no idea who Waiyan is, 
    He's my gay bestfriend.
    Our #ootd


    Reasons why Waiyan is gay:

    hehe and SYF has ended, 
    Mdm Yeo was so kind to give us goodie bags.
    Gomawo <3

    Have a great week everybody!


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